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Sampling Pumps

The Tokheim Vac Extractor Sampling Pump is a portable, hand-operated vacuum pump. The flexible hose allows the operator to draw liquid from any place in the storage tank or vat into a one gallon clear acrylic container* where the liquid is visible, allowing the operator to see any separation or stratification of the liquid being sampled. With the valve at the bottom of the container the operator is able to make qualitative and quantitative analysis of the product drawn from the storage unit.

Since the liquid is drawn into the container by vacuum (vacuum is rated at 22 inches of Mercury), no liquid comes in contact with the pump. The sample is not contaminated and since the container is easily removed for proper cleaning the pump is always ready for immediate use.

The Tokheim Vac Extractor Sampling Pump is indispensable for industrial plants of all types, laboratories and food & beverage processing plants.

The Tokheim Vac Extractor Sampling Pump is furnished with 4 feet of flexible rubber compound heater hose, six 28" lengths of 1/2" galvanized pipe with couplings and a sturdy wood carrying case.