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Gaugeless Top-of-Tank Overfill Alarm

The "Always On" Alarm System

Gaugeless Overfill Protection For Above-Ground Storage Tanks


Tokheim tank alarms are designed to meet state and federal regulations requiring an audible overfill alarm system on above-ground storage tanks. This system works without a level indicator gauge. This Overfill Alarm Is "always on"

The Tokheim Tank Alarm "always on" feature provides for consistent monitoring of tank levels. The alarm simply cannot be turned off, which helps to eliminate human error.

Several Mounting and Monitoring Options

The easy-to-install alarm features a weatherproof housing and a two-level audible horn. Simply screw the sensor into a 2-inch NPT tank bung and mount the remote alarm box.

  • The alarm box may be mounted near the tank or up to 500 ft. away.
  • Alarm boxes mounted away from the tank may be monitored from an office or other building on the site.
  • Several alarm boxes are often gang mounted at the fill rack.